Abbey on Wheels was our incredibly successful and varied outreach programme. We spread the word about our exciting project and, hopefully, made people proud of the significant history of the Abbey Quarter. Abbey on Wheels popped up at events and venues across Reading throughout 2017 and 2018, with changing activities such as: 

  • Handling real, museum objects from Reading Abbey.
  • Wearing our virtual-reality headset and observing the Abbey from above
  • Painting a tile inspired by some of the remaining tiles from Reading Abbey

Past events included:

  • Digital Takeover II at The Museum of English Rural Life
  • Forbury Fiesta in the Forbury Gardens
  • Reading Abbey Revealed re-opening festival
  • East Reading Festival at Palmer Park

Our blog describes more about the Abbey on Wheels outreach programme.

Abbey on Wheels will continue as Museum on Wheels in 2019. Do you have an event you would like us to attend? Contact the learning team or find out more here.